Orthodox christian rules for dating my teenage daughter

John , we know: “By this that all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Love is central to who we are. The first question is: If two people love each other, why shouldn’t they be allowed to be together or to be married? In fact, love is our defining feature as Christians.Well, that ended up being an extremely popular episode, and we decided to do a follow-up program featuring the specific questions that children might ask on this topic, and these were presented to us mostly by our listeners. Mamalakis is also the also the author of the recently published and acclaimed Ancient Faith Publishing book, . Then the second part we want our kids to know is—we want to teach our kids about what God has revealed to us about the nature of marriage. But most deeply we want our kids to know is that Christ reveals that marriage is an image of Christ and his Church, that it’s actually all about Christ himself who unites a man and a woman, and that path of marriage is that path of being transformed Christ through the Holy Spirit.I think this is going to be a very fruitful discussion. So I would want my kids to know that actually I think one of the best icons of marriage is that icon of Christ’s descent into Hades.So it’s oftentimes not the most loving behavior to point out and comment on people’s behavior. The father did not focus on the prodigal’s sinful behaviors; he just wrapped him in love.And when we encounter that love, we’re actually free to see our sinful behaviors.

So I’d want my child to know the difference between how much God madly loves us and actually these behaviors and acting out in these ways are destructive. Can the homosexual individual, even a practicing homosexual individual, can he claim to have a relationship with Christ? So what we see is: I can turn my back on God, and he pursues me.

One of the extremely complicated issues with which Orthodox parents must contend these days is that of homosexuality. What oftentimes people will be asking about is: They love each other, it means, well, they might want to be with each other, they might have attractions and desires.

How do we talk to our kids about same-sex desires and relationships and how do we do so with the sensitivity, nuance, and frankness that the topic requires? But in fact we actually have our desires and drives and attractions transformed when we walk the path of faith in Christ in loving; it actually feels like a real sacrifice.

Oftentimes we have to be careful about commenting on sin and commenting on people’s behavior.

God reveals the path of life to us personally, and it’s only in love that we can see our sinful ways and pursue righteousness.

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