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Vin saw something in Sebastian he'd never seen: a guy who was just crazy good with girls.

And Vin put his scientist cap back on and went to work breaking down Sebastian's method.

His business partner was Sebastian Drake, his teacher and mentor.

Vin had a Ph D in nuclear physics, yet when Sebastian met him he'd been working as a janitor.

There are eight (8) types of girls (e.g., a Tester-Justifier-Realist, or an Investor-Denier-Idealist).

Each one requires a different approach to sleep with and date.

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It tells you exactly what you need to do with her to take her to bed or to make her your girlfriend.

If you have a specific girl in mind, you can take the quiz right here and learn her type: However, before I tell you what's in Pandora's Box, and just why you ought to snag a copy of it, let me tell you a bit about Vin.

When I met Vin, he was one half of the Approach, the first natural game pickup company.

Where Sebastian would bound up to girls, Vin hung back and picked them off.

On one occasion I went out with Vin, he talked to no one except the students all night...

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