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The television station that aired the spot has been fielding complaints and taking heat from commentators. Threatening young men with gun violence is despicable, illegal, and incredibly stupid. As recently as 2008, country singer Rodney Atkins had a chart-topping hit with “Cleaning This Gun (Come On In, Boy)” that featured the refrain “Hey, y’all, run along and have some fun / I’ll see you when you get back / Bet I’ll be up all night / Still cleanin’ this gun.” Atkins, whose first marriage broke up after his wife called the police on him, has two sons.

Brian Kemp, the Republican gubernatorial candidate behind the ad is certainly playing to type.

If you are shopping for a stun gun that will take down an attacker..just stun him a bit and continue the attack on you..more upset than before..get K. I was amazed at the power that it has and the huge arc that it creates. I've owned allot of stun guns over the years, and although most companies brag hand over fist about how their stun guns are the most powerful and or the best on the market for self defense, 9 times out of 10 they are little more then hand held bug zappers.

AFTER SPENDING HOURS ON LINE I FOUND YOUR SITE, STARTED READING AND SAW THE VIDIEO AND I WAS SOLD, I WANTED THE BIG FREAKEN KING COBRA AND I GOT ONE AND I KNOW IM WELL DEFENDED NOW ESPEACIALY WITH THE ECONOMY THE WAY IT IS. i have seen and owned many stun guns and this one is extremely impressive. This is the most intimadating device i have dealt with.

The king cobra enforcer has a stun arc that is greater... The shipping was just OK, but once I tested it I jumped and my ears started violently ringing.

it's 50 milliamp output with 5.8 million volts has more stopping power than higher voltage stun guns. Must say that the flashlight doesn't work..I didn't buy it for the flashlight. And that was not when I tried it on myself to make sure it's safe for my fiance. "I purchased the King Cobra Enforcer 5.8 mv Stun Gun and I must say; I was pretty shocked when I first set it off; the sound was very intimidating! Wow where to start, not gonna lie I was a tad bit skeptical at first.

First charge should be about 5 hours; after that only a 2-hour recharge to keep you safe again.

We suggest that you test fire the King Cobra once every couple of months to be sure you are packing the full striking power of 5.8 MILLION VOLTS.

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