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When Hammond reaches the convoy, Garnett finds a baby and becomes determined to help it. When Hammond is killed, Garnett and the group reconsider the mission to go to California.

Simon urges the group when Addy speaks to him on Hammond's radio.

He had a wife, Amy, and children whose fate are unknown.

Where the end of the world might take a military man – tough, disciplined, a survivor – and harden them, Garnett has maintained a compassionate demeanor and employs a cool logic.

She was so shaken by his decision that she took three months break from her work as well just to get over from it.

Dana Tyler is a Reporter and Anchor from the United States of America. She is also hosting in half-hour weekly program Eye on New York.

Although it has not been cleared because she doesn’t want to discuss her private life and relationship in media. Dana is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Tyler also had a cameo in the Woody Allen film Small Time Crooks as a television reporter.

After bringing Hammond back to camp, Hammond explains the mission in more detail.

After showing reluctance to helping Hammond get to the military convoy, Hammond forcibly conscripts him at gunpoint.

He then declares that the group will continue Hammond's mission to bring Murphy to California.

The group, still reluctant on bringing Murphy to California, look into the distance to see New York and Charles tells them to take a good look as it will likely be a while.

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