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We’ve made it not only necessary but acceptable for women to make the first move, shaking up outdated gender norms.We prioritise kindness and respect, providing a safe online community for users to build new relationships.

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» Read more Power BI Mobile team partnered with Azure Active Directory team to integrate Power BI mobile applications with Azure Active Directory (AAD) Application Proxy to connect to Report Server from their mobile app, without the need to setup complex on-premise configuration.

In the midst of a world where so many are disengaged, cynical and apathetic, isn’t it time for some fresh air?

Isn't it time to join together in building a refreshing, new community founded upon “real” relationships, “real” thought leadership, and “authentic” engagement?

» Read more Our August release has another hotly anticipated feature from the Microsoft Business Application Summit, grouping.

Grouping in reports, similar to Power Point’s grouping, lets you easily organize groups of visuals to move and resize them as a set.

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