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You should look at your product and how you could promote it to affiliates.Using cloud storage as an example, you will see a number of large US companies such as Just Cloud and Sugar Sync as well as smaller niche cloud storage products such as Backup Genie.For more information, check out our "I absolutely love Tailwind and a big bonus is their affiliate program.Simply by referring my clients and fellow Pinterest users, I am able to get a commission sharing a product I firmly believe in.

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In the US alone, it has been estimated that affiliate marketing will grow by .8 billion in the next 5 years.

For example, online backup software could approach anti-virus software.

Affiliates can be paid on a lead generation basis, and Saa S companies (hosting, cloud storage) work very well with affiliates.

Sugar Sync offers a revenue-sharing type of commission.

Looking outside the obvious partners, cloud storage companies can also benefit from approaching sites that focus on their niche.

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