Ps3 reboots when updating games

That's a problem with the controller itself rather than Retro Pie.The controller sends very short key presses (usually d-pad directions) that are commonly ignored by games, but might be noticed outside them.

Since updating my PS4 will turn off after like 20 mins of gameplay and it won't be able to turn back on for like 5 mins.If analog input isn't strictly necessary to you, you can try to map one of the sticks as a d-pad and adjust its dead zone if you still have phantom menu navigation. When i installed the update it seemed to restart but no video output.It might be something to do if you have it plugged into a HDMI-MHL port on your TV. I have had a few friends where there consoles shut off after 15-20 mins and it turned out that the power supply was going bad.Bought some power supplies on e Bay and replaced it within the console and it has been running strong. I can log in to psn and i can use the Web, but i can't load the store or get the what's new feed...

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