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Unfortunately in the midst of all this, the Enjin Souls all become stolen and the Go-Onger (well the main five) become defenseless in trying to figure out how to deal with a Banki Beast trained in Rinjuken and with the soul potentially of an evil dragon god.

Luckily, there is always the issue of training for the Go-Onger: as their means of fighting without Souls, they have to train in Juken for a period (well the basics) to figure out a way to fight without their partners, sort of tying both with the internal power that all beings have and the external connection that Sosuke and the others have with thier partners.

movie from the video-only release to...well, the movie theater.

There are some kinks to work out: it is about the same length as a typical Vs.

movie at this point (with some filler stuff at the end to get it to an hour) and we don't get the pre-series cameo outside a pose with Takeru at the end (though all I can imagine is the Shinkenger fighting the Gaiark Ministers, with them being supposed badasses while these three act like the weirdoes they tend to be), but whether or not it worked out...well, it more feels like build up to some of the really big Vs.

movies that came out later like 199 or the Great Dino Gathering.

The general element of this movie is simple: a remnant of Rinjuken known as Meka (a turtle..to be confused with Sanyo..again working with Long, you could make the comparison) who happens to be...well, a mechanical genius (thus "meka" also means "mecha")..up allying with Gaiark to create a Banki Beast with the potential to possess a Soul..should I say, the "spirit of Long" as a means to use it as an experiment to either just empower the Banki Beast or to even revive the evil mad dragon god.

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(and growing powerful with the lives after them accumulating all this other knowledge and skill that could be of use) Vaatu is this great powerful spirit and Unalaq is one of the most powerful waterbenders in the show.Batcheed is basically the Yogoshimacriten of the film: efficient and working under the rules of bureaucracy but still extremely powerful and cruel, using anything he can to his advantage and manipulating things to his own advantage.Not only does he defeat the Go-Onger handedly in the opening showdown but separates them across the Braneworlds with Sosuke the one forced back to Human World to get help of some sort..encountering the Shinkenger.movie of the set for the month; the other two were Hurricane/Gao and Aba/Hurricane. Considering how successful the OVA versions of the movies had been up to then, there really was no reason to try and make it bigger in such a way to put them in theaters.The next two are both reruns but it's all part of the plan. Gekiranger: The Movie Really, all playing piano with your toes tells me isn't your Geki skill but the potential you may be a Wandering Boma. However, my guess is that with Go-Onger being the success as it was and trying to ride on this new toku "opening" brought forth by Den-O, they decided to move the Vs.

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