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We have some wife and significant other pet peeves within the home.  Pattie Labelle's granddaughter loves one of her songs with questionable lyrics.  An 11 year old in Texas gives new meaning to the word genius.  The Sand and Soul has a special deal that revolves around a special persons birthday and The Steve Harvey Nation stands to benefit from it.  Sandwiches are a lovely thing and we find out what the most popular sandwiches are according to a recent survey.  Someone in the NFL has confirmed that there are 180 pairs of shoes in his collection.  Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog speaks about worrying and what we can handle on a daily basis, plus more.  Have a great weekend!!!

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We is who we is and Steve Harvey said it.  Botswana's President tells Steve that he has heard of his nephew.  Jaime Foxx has been seen with a new lady.  Uncle Steve is offering a special deal for Sand and Soul.  Has anyone had the wrong thought at the wrong time.  Congratulations to our very own Carla Ferrell as she celebrates 15 years of marriage!

  Steve continues the discussion of his trip through Botswana and he was invited to speak in front of 5000 university students.  Lamar Odom was kicked out of Big 3 Basketball for being out of shape.  Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog talks about not worrying about God's way for you, trusting in Him and more.   Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers Good morning, today we open the show and shout out all the school workers.

The chicken fight continues between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes.  Uncle Steve give us his list of The 50 Greatest R&B Singers.  Sand and Soul has a special just for Labor Day.  Things happen and we wonder when did they start.  Is your relationship too good or nah?

  Does it need an argument here and there to be normal and healthy?

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