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One of the reasons guys stay away from sex finder websites is that they’re worried they’ll get scammed.

With our list of the Top 5, you NEVER have to worry about that.

If you end up paying for a membership, and the site features a time stamp of when the person last logged into their profile, and its more than 1 month, it's a good bet that the profile is either fake, or the person forgot their profile.

However, most profiles are fake, or are there just to draw attention to the site.That’s just one more reason why we loved those sites!We laid everything out so you can know for sure which sites will get you laid.Profile pictures…a good profile will have a combination of 1–3 professional, high quality, photos and the rest are photos of them doing activities, (selfies).All professional looking photos with model shots in the same background is a good indication that the profile is fake!

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