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If we were selling an object using false claims, we would fall foul of the law, under consumer protection legislation. (It must be those ignorant self opinionated patients again…ha ha ha!If alternative practitioners are offering treatment, they should at the very least be offering some impartial, reliable, reproducible evidence that it works. ) We already know that the brain responds to anticipation and expectation by chemical changes which mimic what is expected.The Reiki practitioner claims to be able to transfer energy to the patient, even at a distance, and thereby enable the body to heal itself.This is an interesting theory and has the potential to revolutionise medicine if it works. Firstly, we need to be able to identify this energy, demonstrate its existence, show some tangible effect of its presence, make some kind of measurement, and demonstrate a means of controlling it.That means being able to associate outcomes with causes in a predictable and reliable way.

So just the fact that they say they feel better is no indication that they are in fact getting better.

There is absolutely no evidence of the existence of Qi, nor any evidence of its effects, nor any suggestion that it can be localised and measured.

We are working solely with the idea that it exists.

Reiki claims to be able to treat what conventional medicine cannot, and yet it claims to do so in the absence of diagnostic technique.

There is a fundamental Reiki belief that the body is able to cure itself and there is some evidence that in some circumstances this is true.

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