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Y’know, like, when they’re both horny, or whatever. Lucy doesn’t really want to have to explain Josh to her. To find out what happened next with Josh, click here.

While she’s been away they’ve kept in touch sporadically, messaging via Whats App or commenting on each other’s Instagram posts. She’s the type of person who can’t even sleep when she’s trying really fucking hard, eyes squeezed tight shut, in bed in a dark room, at 2 am. Especially not if Charlie might end up swinging by at some point… Lucy watches him descend the stairs, rather bemused.

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Alex has reacted to reports on her being in a romantic relationship with Tobi.

Alex speaking on the finale of ‘Double Wahala Reloaded’ on Sunday night with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu said she was not in any relationship with Tobi.

Lucy and Josh met up five times before she went to Kenya, but although Josh was a sweetheart and they did fancy each other, there was something missing. It’s good if he goes now, she thinks, she’s got stuff to get done.

Before Lucy left they both agreed, a little sadly, that this wasn’t going to be A Thing, but that they would keep in touch while she’s away, and maybe meet up again when she gets back. Plus her temporary housemate, the girl who rented her spare room while she was in Kenya, is still here, and will be home soon.

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He picked it up and walked up behind Beth, who was engaged in laughter with friends, and emptied the entire bucket on her head.

She was known to cause a scene, and he knew she still wanted him.

Out of all the women he knew, Beth was the last one he wanted to run into with a woman on his arm, and to make matters worse, he was with one who practically pinned herself to him when they were out together.

Lucy’s gone to bed, so doesn’t read the message till the next morning. The compliment makes Lucy cringe even harder than watching TV sex scenes in the company of her parents, but at least it’s a compliment. “You know,” he says, “you make me feel like you only want me for one thing! And if you’d said I was only coming here for sex then I probably wouldn’t have come, actually.” Lucy’s astounded.

Better than being told she’s got a rancid beaver, that’s for sure. It’s been a long wait, but she’s about to get some. But then, two days before she and Josh are due to meet, she goes on that very surprising date with Charlie, and suddenly everything changes. She’s free and single, Josh is free and single, Charlie’s… Anyway, no one thinks this is an exclusive relationship.

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