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Too late, Juliet awakens from her slumber and finding her lover dead, speeds to her own death with his dagger.may be one of the most recognizable—and quotable—of all of William Shakespeare’s works. In Stephen Mills’ production of Shakespeare’s classic tale of star-crossed lovers, you’ll be swept away by the indelible memories of first love.In this hopelessly romantic season opener, experience anew this timeless “story of woe, of Juliet and her Romeo.” Evening performances at 8 p.m. Choreography: Stephen Mills Music: Sergei Prokofiev Live Accompaniment: Austin Symphony Orchestra We could see the frisky flirtatiousness of youth in group dances with an ever-changing roundelay of partners, the dancers' feet repeatedly breaking free of the earth, their bodies hovering proudly in space." In a marketplace in Verona, young Romeo Montague and his friends, Mercutio and Benvolio, share in festivities with the villagers.

He is immediately captivated by Juliet, and she in turn is enamored with this stranger.INTERMISSION (20 minutes) ACT II (25 minutes) In the market, the villagers celebrate.The nurse appears with a letter for Romeo expressing Juliet’s consent to marriage.And don't get me started on the "ethical non-monogamy". People here like to think that they'll be able to find someone better, perpetually, which leads to a dating pool that never quite settles, is emotionally unfulfilling, and is overall quite dissatisfactory I forced myself to go up to women on the street I found attractive and introduce myself.I'm over here trying to figure out how they pay for their lifestyle and when do they work? It took a lot for me to do it but I got so much confidence from it.

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