Rules for dating a roadie

Ronnie Anne doesn't like her grandmother's traditional medicine methods, like putting her finger in one's bellybutton to get rid of a stomachache. with the Casagrandes", Rosa offered to put in a good word for the Changs when she saw how much Ronnie Anne and Sid got along.Later, Ronnie Anne takes responsibility for vandalizing the apartment upstairs, when she saw that her Abuela was going to get fired for the damage. He was initially bothered by her bullying him in "Heavy Meddle", but after she sends a note apologizing to him, Lincoln begins to see that she may not be such a bad person after all.

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When they talk it over late at night, Maria stated she wouldn't make her move if she didn't want to, and was willing to bring her and Bobby back to Royal Woods.

Lincoln made a complete replica of the egg from rubber cement and he gave it to Ronnie Anne.

She was surprised by his sudden change in attitude.

According to the conversations with Lincoln through video chat, Ronnie Anne is afraid Carlino is going to steal her swim goggles during the trip to the water park.

Rosa loves Ronnie Anne a lot, and gives her lot of food, even if she doesn't want to eat much.

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