Schizophrenia dating

As soon as I hear that voice saying 'Here it comes I'm gonna have to explain...' that's exactly what I do, what did you do before, last year, why didn't you complete that degree (on CV) why haven't you had a job etc etc.I can't really help you with that one; I met my husband when I was 21, and since he was a psychiatric nurse on teh ward where I was a patient at the time the diagnosis was never an issue.He met me when I was ill, and still wanted to know me. I know exactly what you mean; although I hadn't been diagnosed at that time I still found it incredibly difficult to get to know people (I always felt like I was having to feign interest, because it was so hard to do small talk, even with people I really wanted to date) and never knew what to tell them about me.My advice if you have a girlffriend who doesn't know, well hey sell it to her.

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I have a friend who is physically disabled; she goes through exactly teh same, maybe more so because her disability is visible and people judge her before she even speaks. Have you tried meeting soemone else with schizophrenia via a support group or with a diferent mental health problem so that you both trust each other and know about each others problem?Don't lose hope, there is someone out there for you.You came to the right place to make friends who are going to be understanding about what you are going through. You will find people who can relate and people who just don't care about the illness that you have.Schizophrenia really makes me feel isolated at times and not wanting to to face the common question"so what do you do for a living"?I am gentle, caring and a senstive soul, however I have fears about having to break the news to a girlfriend about my condition, or her finding out before I feel ready to tell her.

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