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They believed more money for the rich would ‘trickle down’ and create jobs and better economic conditions for all, which is why neoliberals prefer to tax wages higher than dividends and profits.This has made investing in the stock market or real estate more profitable than earning a wage by working. According to the media, vacation parks that were once full of families on holiday have now deteriorated into ‘slums’ for the criminal and the wretched.

Most of the Netherlands has housing shortages and waiting times for social housing can be between five and twenty years.

Even at shelters there is usually not enough space for people in urgent need.

Social workers have actively sent people to campings who otherwise would end up sleeping on the streets.

The best known example is Fort Oranje, a camping in the south of the Netherlands.

Once a popular holiday destination for families, it became the subject for the docutainment series ‘Fort Oranje: camping or slum’ broadcasted on SBS6 in 2017.

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