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At the end of the game, the Monster Hunter receives a bonus heart every time they date the monster-type they've been secretly told to hunt.Every time the Glob successfully dates 3 different players, the Glob's heart count doubles.The Invisible Person starts the game with two bonus hearts.The Invisible Person's score is "invisible", so they appear in last place until the end of the game, where their score gets revealed. The Robot only plays when there isn't enough players ( Four or less ). When someone messages it and tries to date it, the Robot gets a bonus heart, even if the date ends with rejection.If every single player has been infected at the end of the game, it's the end of the world and the original Zombie is the only winner, no matter how many hearts they received.NOTE: Becoming a Zombie does not overwrite your original monster power.The Creep gets a bonus heart when they reject a player and date a player on the same night.The Witch takes one hair for every new player dated.

After this, the next highest ranked unrevealed player will have their power revealed each night.

They are not easy to please wealthy men, as they have been there and done that most of what you must have not even experienced by now.

So the foremost advice while considering dating a rich man is, never ever take them for granted.

The Werewolf loses half a heart when they get rejected on a full moon.

NOTE: Becoming a Werewolf does not overwrite your original monster power.

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