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This is an appeal by the appellant, a citizen of Algeria, born on 11th February 1995.

On the dates of the resumed hearing before us he was still a minor.

We have used the acronym LGBT in this determination instead of using the phrase lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, being the term used by the witnesses.3.

We followed and applied the Joint Presidential Guidance Note No 2 of 2010 “Child, vulnerable adult and sensitive appellant guidance”.We deal with this first and thereafter deal with the appellant’s appeal. We received evidence from three witnesses offered as expert witnesses: Dan Littauer and Ludovic Lofti Mohammed Zahed attended the hearing to give evidence in person, while written evidence was available from Ms Alison Pargeter.We are particularly grateful to Mr Zahed for having come to the UK from France at less than a day’s notice in order to give his evidence.Correspondence between his solicitors and the respondent indicates a history of cancelled and adjourned appointments, illness on the part of the appellant and lack of interpreter during an interview with the respondent, resulting in the fragmentary preparation of witness statements and interviews.7.The respondent does not accept that the appellant is bisexual or gay or that he experienced the claimed difficulties in Algeria, nor does she accept that his mother died in the manner described or at all; she rejected his claim to be in need of international protection. The Tribunal has identified this appeal as a suitable vehicle to provide country guidance on the issue of persecution of gays in Algeria.

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