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In 1801, as reported in the Hull Packet, a fiery object is said to have appeared suddenly over the Humber; an immense moon-like globe with a black bar across the centre of its face.

A Coast Guard press release described the lights as "objects", however Seaman Alpert subsequently issued a statement saying, "I cannot in all honesty say that I saw objects or aircraft, merely some manner of lights." Legendary Lockheed aircraft engineer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, designer of the F-104, U-2, and SR-71, and his wife observed a huge Flying Wing over the Pacific from the ground in Agoura.Some UFO believers think this story was a credible document of a close encounter of the third kind in Japan.Historians and Ethnologists consider it to be folklore.He also claimed to have had sex with an alien woman aboard the egg-shaped aircraft.Mysterious deaths of experienced cross-country skiers in the Urals are due to official investigation believed to have been caused by an unknown "compelling natural force".

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