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From questionable career moves and big-screen criticism to possible co-star kerfuffles and scandalous lawsuits, Schwimmer has gone through quite a lot over the years — and, unfortunately, all the drama has left a permanent mark on his career.Could Schwimmer rebuild his reputation gig by gig and restore his career to its former glory?Clearly, the actor wants his private life to disappear from the bright lights of Hollywood.

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"It made me want to hide under a baseball cap and not be seen." Striking a balance between work and celebrity was "tricky," he added. While the movie received mixed reviews, it did well at the box office, earning the green director a British Independent Film Award nomination for best debut.

Well, let's first answer the question on everyone's minds: Why does it feel like Hollywood won't cast David Schwimmer anymore?

Schwimmer became an overnight sensation in 1994, but quickly learned that fame wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

The 23-year-old bubbly blonde has charmed audiences for six seasons as the partner of stars like Chaz Bono, Lance Bass, and Steve-O.

Don’t be sad though fans, Lacey told She Knows exclusively that her departure from the show is for the best.

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