Silverface fender champ amp dating chart

There is a bit of flaking on the bridge cover and light wear on the body edges. The amp sounds incredible, with lots of life in the tubes, creamy compression, and plenty of volume.

The steel is a perfect match, with a strong pickup, and good looks.

Board is shown built for demonstration only, kit is unbuilt.

Check out our cabinets and chassis to complete the scene. Also includes Layout & Wiring Diagrams for our transformers.

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The Steel is also in excellent and original condition. Found locally, this Fender Champ steel and amplifier set is 100% original, complete, and in perfect working order.

(see drop down menu)All Transformers are Made in USA, in Chicago, IL, by a company with over 50 years experience making high voltage Transformers for tube amplifiers.

Transformers are warranteed by the manufacturer against defects of materials & workmanship for 6 months from date of purchase.

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