Sim dating game newgrounds

But to wrap it up, despite being quiet a journey for one man..actually quiet over ambitious for its own good, especially if your one of those people that where just in it to see some skin.

I'd check it out to see how much work he put into it.

The status of this game has been unknown for years, although it seems that Tom doesn't like answering questions about it.

In 2006, a Newgrounds user suggested an idea for a "Pico Day", based off the Clock Days that had started earlier.

Fix myself up a container full of Cheese-Nips, hop on to the Dell Dimension 2100, click on the Internet Explorer icon, type in the address for Newgrounds since I never bookmark it out of fear of my parents finding out.

I have spent so many hours on that game I am quiet embarrassed to admit that I never seen the end of the game.

But being such a fiend on this game I always check back to see any updates which I'll admit it was neat to see a game like that grow.

Every year on April 30th (Tom Fulp's birthday) the Portal is filled with submissions based after the Pico characters, which makes up the majority of Pico works today. You can more about him on the Newgrounds Wiki here.

I remember spending my time on this game back in Middle School.

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