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Pinky Ring was, of course, another sketch to play up Italian-American stereotypes as Joe Pesci searches for a pinky ring in a pinky ring store. However, this tape is one of the most well-aged of the yearly tapes from the early 80's, since it mostly sticks to the show's original characters, with a few notable exceptions.Clinton transformed into a pot smoking hippy, while Bush Sr. Whether playing a tomcatting, obnoxious Abe Lincoln or a befuddled talk show host, he becomes a solid fixture of the show, and figures prominently in the best two sketches on the tape.Zoraida The Page then returned to corner Joe Pesci on the way to his dressing room whereas always she confused the man with his fictional characters. By the end of the season, Murphy, Joe Piscopo, and most of the rest of that cast had departed, making way for Billy Crystal and Martin Short.In order to properly try on the ring, the store had a full-size mirror for Pesci to practice his mafia style hand gestures to make sure he picked the proper fit.

That said, the sketch did get to be its funniest during the last couple minutes where the non-speaking candidate would watch the current speaker and we got to see how he was pictured in their heads like in an old-school cartoon where a starving character would look at someone and only see food.

Crooks Watch The News was a sketch where, as the title implies, a bunch of crooks watched the news to see if they got away with robbing a bank just moments before turning on the TV. Piscopo is also very present, but Murphy's absence allows us to see some other members of the cast that got a little less attention than he did.

Murphy receives less time than he might have in earlier tapes since he was only on for half the season. Anyway, this tape is the best yearly tape I've seen so far, and is a great addition to your collection.

Pesci has a great time being sexist with his Italian boys while being openly racist to Chris Rock who played the only black contestant and got threatened after every question he was asked even though he was being equally as sexual as the rest of the group.

Brad Hall is in a few sketches, including one where he gets to sing the news, although his wife, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is sadly relegated to the background as she tended to be during her term on the show.

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