Sony prs t1 updating

I also noticed that the sd recovery didn't have the new firmware update. Has anyone else run into this problem or can suggest anything? Well, try to delete all books from its memory (or recover them if they are no backups ) then try again.

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Failure to fully charge the Sony Reader™ before installing the firmware update may cause the Reader™ to be unresponsive or to require repair ERROR: "Please first quit Reader for PC and try again." is displayed.Then I go to plug it into the computer / usb to add a new book and BOOM. The computer no longer recognizes the device, and all the device does is; It boots up to the: Reader Opening book.....[status bar]It just sits there for about 10 seconds, and then flashes and again nothing happens.It constantly repeats itself until the amber flashing light turns red and then stops rebooting (when I assume it runs out of battery). I have tried all the standard stuff, the reset button.When I had this problem, it was due to a bad EPUB file.I think it took several tries of connecting USB before it was finally recognized so I could delete the file.

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