Sony tv guide not updating

How to fix this Luckily, the fix for these flaws is extremely simple, and most of it should happen automatically.Sony put out a security advisory in late July and August for owners of Bravia R5C, WD75, WD65, XE70, XF70, WE75, WE6 and WF6 models, informing them that there's already a patch available.The easiest way to compromise a TV in this manner would be to draft it into a botnet, although you could theoretically mine cryptocurrency on a TV.

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There are links to this effect on Sony's advisory page.In other words: Apply the patch, and don't sweat it too much.Your Sony Bravia TV may just show you the same reruns of How I Met Your Mother over and over, but that's probably its worst crime.・Some settings may be initialized by performing the update. ・After performing the update, application updates may be required from Google Play, etc.・After performing the update, applications for old OS versions may not work properly.

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