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We should not search for our “other half” because that sounds way too close to human cloning. However, each and every soul mate has similar attributes that makes him or her worthy of such a special role in our lives.

The essence of ourselves that we see in our soul mates allows us to feel in-tune with them, similar to how we are in touch with ourselves.

Instead, he or she has the same thirst for comprehending the lyrics, dissecting the melody and discovering the meaning of the silence between the sounds.

Together, musical soul mates have countless opportunities to explore music and discuss separate interpretations.

Our soul mates have a different part of us instilled in them. These various soul mates provide us with different purposes, outlooks and emotions.We have been taught by fairytales and Nicholas Sparks films to associate the term “soul mate” with one person we are destined to meet by the work of fate.From there, we fall madly in love and upkeep this romantic love forever. This mentality that a soul mate is one person with whom you are destined to meet and fall in love is, for lack of a better term, bullsh*t.Our soul mates are more than the loves of our lives; they are our guiding lights.I'm an affectionate and thoughtful person, with a giving nature and a zest for life.

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