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Some of them are like normal girls, others are either hyper sensitive, or desensitised/apathetic to 'anything sexual' and some are full blown misandrysts that hate all men (yeah... But all this happened my 30's and when I am most comfortable with my own sexuality.

tbh, if any of that happened to me at 23, I'd be like you, I wouldn't know how to handle it.

Asked her if she wanted to see the new star wars movie together since we both haven't seen it, she agreed with enthusiasm to actually watch it.Apologies for some of my statements in the post, these were the honest thoughts going through my head at the time and hence why they were only expressed on reddit.Without going into other details, all I'm excited about now is that I could potentially be having my first girlfriendthanks again and Happy Holidays! I know a few strippers who do cam shows and the like as well because it's good money.My mind has been processing this over the past few days.I've come to the conclusion that the problem is I'm overthinking it and that there is no problem or 'situation' as has been pointed out.

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