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YOU ARE READING Romance West Point High had never seen a human before. Looking up I saw we had come face to face with a door and we're now almost fifteen minutes late. "The only available seats are in the back next to Eli," she said pointing to the back of the room at a four person table with one person at it. Smiling I nodded and tugged Shawn along but he seemed hesitant.

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I like fine dining nice bottle of vine lovely conversation through the evening, walking on the beach holding hands, love travelling I have been in a few countries but I have many more on my list to discover...A light voice interrupted my thought, "Aww, you must be the new kid..." The woman tapped her chin and turned gathering a clipboard from her desk. Her gaze then shifted to Shawn, "Would you mind explaining why you are late Mr. The boy now more appropriately named Seth pouted jumping out of his seat and joining Shawn on the other side of the table. As the tears started to run from my eyes I pushed myself up and ran from the room not wanting to be caught crying over a man who obviously doesn't love me. Why did everything feel off even when I'm with the one the Moon Goddess planned for me to be with?What could be better than a man who is your best friend, as well as your lover? Someone you can share all your secrets and thoughts with…

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