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Iliza Shlesinger, in her new Netflix special, , has a bit about online dating.“I don’t like to tell people how we met,” she says of her fiancé.Julia* lives in Maine and, though she says she’s had the most success meeting people via Bumble, kept Tinder for her work trips.“I’ve held onto Tinder because it’s used more internationally,” she says."It’s not bad, it’s not embarrassing, it’s just not cool: We met on a dating app, like all of you.We met on a dating app and it’s less a product of my creativity and more a product of my generation.

They provide a way to meet people on a user’s own schedule, which potentially democratizes the whole dating process. Carrie Bradshaw was clearly a con artist.) To look at it from a distance, the future of dating is easy and great! If dating apps are supposed to take the headache out of trying to meet someone, it's not a good sign that so many daters consider them a necessary evil at best and just plain evil at worst.

When Samantha Karjala started using apps to meet more people in her small Northeastern town, she was annoyed at what they implied.

“When you say you went on a Tinder date, most people expect you had sex with the person,” she says.

She used Tinder and Bumble for regular dating, but hated the experience.

“None of the men seemed cute enough, and a lot of them were exactly as gross and Air-Drop-a-dick-pic-slimy as the stereotypes go,” she explains.

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