The dating diaries by kristen kemp

My skin was pale, zitty and blotchy; my eyes were veined, swollen, and hidden under my unibrow; my hair was knotty and full of scalp grease.

Under less insane circumstances, my complexion was decent.

My mother was a manicure-obsessed, southern she-devil who lived for drugstore lipstick and drive-through dinners.

Katie's about to find out what she's been missing . As things stood, though, my sparkle or shine were history. My eyes sprung another leak, so I slammed my head back into the softness of the wet Muppet Babies. "I didn't raise no goddamned nun." I had hung a crucifix outside my doorway just after the breakup.After crying on them for four days straight, I had memorized every thread of each character. My mother was about as devout as a turnip; so I bought the symbol to scare her away. A buoyant and observant comedy about having a long-term relationship end -- and discovering what life is like outside of it.Now she's about to see what life is like without Paul -- and what it's like to date. Until one day she starts wearing make-up, and gose on a dating rampage.

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