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From 1888-1966 Bannerman produced larger catalogues at various times, some 26 catalogues from this period having been identified. Bannerman catalogs are favored sources among arms and equipment collectors.Another Civil War era printed catalog is by Horstmann Brothers (1852-1877) that has been reprinted in 1972 as the Current sources for Civil War accoutrements and equipment has been the subject of several encyclopedias with subject groups arranged alphabetically.Uniforms, accoutrements and equipment for nearly three million men were needed.Arsenals were expanded, new ones created, individuals contracted for piece work and assembly at both arsenals and private companies.In most cases Confederate manuals and regulations were either copied directly from or were similar to those of the Union forces.

Two good sources for tracking down photographers are Ross J.

are more concise but useful surveys for Civil War weapons. Fuller gun collection has over 2,000 collected Civil War shoulder arms at the Visitor’s Center at the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

Fuller’s Confederate cavalry was superior in the first half of the war until Federal cavalry caught up in training and experience and match the Confederate horsemen. is recommended for specific aspects of primarily black powder artillery.

Various military goods were purchased by national, state governments, patriotic wealthy private citizens and officers overseas.

Questionable early uniforms and equipment of inferior quality were gradually improved and reduced to the essentials by 1863.

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