Tony parker dating desperate housewife

Eva and Tony were engaged in November 2006 and married in July of 2007 in a Roman Catholic ceremony in Paris, France.

They first met after a San Antonio Spurs basketball game, when she and her father Enrique were invited back to the team’s press room to meet the players.

LB makes a good point that every side of the story gets told, but common sense will tell you that in these celebrity/athlete relationships, it is likely both partners are breaking lamps with someone other than their husband or wife.

No one should be shocked if it is found out the Longoria was sleeping with Armstrong or Obama, going into 2011 this is how things are in our society.

Cherry said: 'It was the kind of thing where you were kind of like, "I didn't know I knew people this rich".

And he believed that the couple were truly in love.

One person is portrayed as the villain (Parker), while the other person is portrayed as the innocent heartbroken victim (Longoria)— and then there is always someone who is portrayed as the slut (Erin Barry).

According to the Enquirer, “The latest bombshell in the Desperate Housewives star’s nasty divorce battle has Tony Parker wondering if Eva carried on an affair with bicycling champ Lance Armstrong! It was Eva’s close ties with fellow Texan and Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong that sent Tony’s suspicions into overdrive.”Lance Armstrong does not exactly have the cleanest dating record, and his character has been called into question before, so engaging in a relationship with Longoria would not be a surprise.

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We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness.’ And although no reason was given for the marriage break-up, rumours have already started circling.

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This always happens when a cheating scandal breaks.

It’s thought Eva initiated the split after finding ‘hundreds of texts’ from another woman – reportedly Erin Barry the wife of one of Tony’s teammates, Brent Barry, and a friend of the couple – on his phone.

The Desperate Housewives star also reportedly revealed Tony had cheated earlier on their marriage, and kept in touch with the woman on Facebook.

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