Tortoisesvn icons not updating

It simply removes all the prepended blanks from the icon names and adds only one blank to those icons I really want to use.

Before applying the changes, it also creates a backup file of the unaltered settings that can be loaded with the registry editor in case you change your mind and want to restore everything: This script also demonstrates how you can modify the Windows registry using only Python and the batteries included in the standard library.

While all the Tortoise clients share the same icons, these are already 9 of the available slots.I’m using Tortoise SVN for source control both at work and at home.Lately I’ve been having some problems with it though because the icon overlays that show the status of files are not displayed.Note that this script needs to run with elevated privileges so that it can change the registry.One way to achieve this: Create a symlink to the Python executable on the desktop, open the properties dialog, add the full path to the above script as argument to its target and select “run as administrator” under the advanced options (do not set “run as administrator” under the compatibility section, because this would then apply to the Python executable in general).

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