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“They know that everyone is invested, physically, mentally and financially in actually meeting someone for a long term relationship or marriage.

Rena and Feargal were match made themselves by Feargal’s brother, and Feargal says that if he and Rena had been shown each other’s online dating profiles, they probably would have been very reluctant to meet each other.

"I think a lot of people have (given up on love) and it’s an awful waste because there are so many people out there that really want a relationship, and I suppose that the difference between what we do at and all the rest, because on the sites there would be a lot of hook ups and one night stands, and were all aware that with the dating agencies there is a very high level of buy in." "You have a buy-in on a financial level but also on a physical and emotional level, as you have to be transparent and say this is me, this is what I’m looking for.

"They have to be transparent and prove that they are who they say they are, they have to sign a contract to say that the information they have given us is honest and correct and that’s a big ask, so I find when people come to an agency there is that level of authenticity and honesty." Because after all, why would someone pay hundreds of euro to lie about their agenda to a matchmaking service, when they can do it on the internet for free?

"There is no courting, no 'lets talk', no 'lets get to know each other', no 'lets find out if there is anything more than the physical,' its purely surface." And while women may complain that men never approach them or that guys just are not forward enough, expert Jennifer does feel that there are reasons for this.

"If a guy approaches a group of girls, he runs the risk of rejection not only from the girl that he’s interested in, but also from her friends." "I can understand when guys say how hard it is, because it must be and it’s not easy to walk into a group of girls and say hi because people can be cruel." "They can be very off hand and they can kind of give him the brush off, and then the guy has to walk away with his tail between his legs and back to the group of lads who have just witnessed this, and then he’s going to be slagged." We all make judgements about people before we even know them, be that online through their social media or out at a bar with the girls, and this could be what is holding so many people back from finding the one.

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