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Ai Yori Aoshi - another in the harem genre, although it's obvious from the very beginning that only one of the other girls even has the slightest chance, and that only barely.

Your Lie In April, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (Yuuko just might be my waifu), and Spice and Wolf especially are great.

Huh, I just realized I haven't watched that many romance anime.

Actually most of the girls are super likeable but Nico is the stand out.

- a harem comedy based on a dating sim, it has an actual resolution to the romance storyline and also has the former queen of yandere (before Yuno came along), but don't worry, the yandere doesn't get the guy.

Since we're on the subject of cute anime I have to say I'm excited for Sakura Quest.

BTW where did you order that NES repro of the Konami Indiana-Jones type game?

Meanwhile, I'm sure you'll enjoy Hanasaku Iroha, it was a delightful slice of life series which is warm, funny, quirky and full of lots of heart.

For that scene alone, the first episode is worth checking out.

Still need to get The Ooze JP, and a few other pricier titles then I will have all the games I want.

Probably the only stinker in my collection is Tom and Jerry, but the JP version is quite rare and I found it new for a steal.

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