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Lu's immense energy, organizing skills, and ability to twist arms come across very clearly. Both are trying to find their way in the world and break free — one from limiting gender expectations, the other from mainland China.

While venting on weibo may enable people to blow off steam, the reluctance (or inability) of official microbloggers to engage their critics in meaningful dialogue suggests the limited utility of official microblogging as a means of furthering political stability through the improvement of state–society relations.

Using an unobtrusive measure based on affect transfer, we find that adult participants in experiments conducted in China transfer positive affect toward the state onto evaluations of television advertisements upon mere exposure to the name of a central party institution.

Participants did not have incentives to lie because they did not associate the advertisements with the state.

Furthermore, people who evaluated the ads more positively upon viewing the name of the state also reported more positive levels of trust in government.

Together, these findings raise doubt that Chinese misrepresent political trust in surveys out of political fear.

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