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NET AJAX Control Toolkit is not just a control but a whole framework to add animations to a control.

For the contents of an Update Panel, a special extender exists that relies heavily on the animation framework: Update Panel Animation.

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If the Content Template property is not defined for the Update Panel control, no updates of the panel will occur.Don't wrap your entire page within an Update Panel, and don't be afraid to use several panels, since this will give you more control of which areas update and when they do it.If the page is enabled for partial-page rendering, when you invoke the Update method, the Update Panel control's content is updated in the browser.All the animations and their properties are described in the Animation Reference.HOME Accordion Ajax File Upload Always Visible Control Animation Area Chart Async File Upload Auto Complete Balloon Popup Bar Chart Bubble Chart Calendar Cascading Drop Down Collapsible Panel Color Picker Combo Box Confirm Button Drag Panel Drop Down Drop Shadow Dynamic Populate Filtered Text Box Gravatar Hover Menu Html Editor Extender Line Chart List Search Masked Edit Modal Popup Multi Handle Slider Mutually Exclusive Check Box No Bot Numeric Up Down Paging Bulleted List Password Strength Pie Chart Popup Control Rating Reorder List Resizable Control Rounded Corners Seadragon Slider Slide Show Tabs Text Box Watermark Toggle Button Twitter Update Panel Animation Validator Callout Update Panel Animation Extender is an extender that allows you to play animations both while an Update Panel is updating and after its update is finished.

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