Updating a sony bios after a new power supply

I tried to unplug everything (drives, fans) and start it up, but no dice.

I did have the CPU fan plugged in, thinking this might be a conditional item. I had already reset the CMOS and even removed the battery, but it didn't work.

So it looks like the mobo is getting power (LED is on), but it won't start up when I jump the "power" jumper.

Anyone have any ideas as to what may have happened? The power was plugged into a "surge master" power strip, and I haven't cracked open the case in quite a while, so I didn't change anything recently.

EDIT: Seems like everything boots up, all the lights turn on, but nothing on the screen and the CD drive won't respond when I push the button for it to open. When a computer begins the boot process the motherboard initiates the start up of the PSU.The only difference is that when I press the power button on my computer - the power LED lights for a split second, and the CPU cooler fan spins for a half spin.The mobo light is lit when the PSU is plugged in and powered on.I'm out of ideas, and I have no computer other than this work laptop. Asus A8N sli-premium mobo I'm not too hot on the idea of plunking down 0 for new mobo/ram/cpu as recommended in the Hot Rod, though I'm already thinking I might have to do just that. I'm surprised that it was the PSU since, as I said in the OP, I tested it by jumping the pins and read proper voltages at every lead.It looks like you've tried just about everything I would have suggested. Regardless, here I am, with a working computer and a new PSU.

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