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Make sure there is enough white space on the paper and that you follow a logical order that allows the content to flow nicely. Choosing the best format is all about determining your purpose. Are interested in a career change, trying to get your first job or hoping to get a promotion.When you make it clear to yourself about what is it that you are after, employers will be able to tell as well.If you have a career objective on your CV, check whether this is still relevant or not.Career goals can change in a blink of an eye, and if you haven’t updated your CV in a long time, you might need to revise it.Paying attention to details shouldn’t be taken for granted and since we are all human we are bound to make mistakes.So be a professional and go through the text as many times as you have to.Ask yourself what difference you made, what was the result and why it matters.Refer to examples, and quantify your accomplishments to show future employers what you can do.

When applying for a creative position, you can experiment with unique designs like infographics or video.

Try to make it consistent regarding the structure the fonts, and the headings you are using.

For best results, take your CV and take a good look at it from a distance.

To come up with some good ones, search for industry-related keywords and phrases within the job description. Put them into sections such as the career summary, work history, skills or achievements.

Don’t flood it; just make sure there are enough to get your CV past the ATS.

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