Updating dvd burner firmware

HPE has many methods for updating firmware, making the process easy.

The following paragraphs discuss each method and provide information on how to perform the updates.

On servers that have add-on options, HPE recommends checking for firmware upgrades for each installed option whenever an update to the System ROM or to another option is performed.

This ensures that the system, as a whole, is running the latest updates for each component.

The different firmware update methods are listed below.

In addition, checking for specific firmware updates in between regular updates helps to keep the server performing optimally. When referring to the firmware on the system board of the server, it is called the System ROM or the BIOS. Firmware is responsible for the behavior of the system when it is first switched on and for passing control of the server to the operating system.Firmware updates are created for, but are not limited to, the following reasons: Many product issues that result in hardware replacement are preventable or correctable with a firmware update.HPE recommends checking for a firmware update before sending a part back to HPE for replacement.

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