Updating eclipse europa to ganymede dating marriage venezuela usa

2008/10/25 Sunit Katkar I had some other problems when I had tried to use Eclipse Europa.However, I downloaded the Eclipse Ganymede version and everything works fine. Note that if you are on a 64-bit platform and are using a 64-bit JRE, you need to use a 64-bit Eclipse build.add the PDT 2.0 interim site: download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt/updates/2.0/ Enable the Ganymede Update site (if not already enabled): download.eclipse.org/releases/ganymede/ Expand the DLTK site and select the Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks or Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks SDK Feature Select the PDT or PDT SDK Feature Install...

The Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin adds powerful extensions to the Eclipse integrated development environment.

For instructions on updating using Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) click here.

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One more thing I had done was to downgrade the Java JRE to 1.6 because the latest update version 1.6.07 was causing problems like Eclipse not running at all.

I cannot be sure if something in the Europa version was wrong, but you can try this. - Install the Android Eclipse plugin in Eclipse Ganymede - Try running your simple app. Before you run the application in the new Ganymede version, do read up on the 'updating SDK' section on Android Google website.

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