Updating firmware on linksys wrt54g Chat withsluts on line free

Take a plain, ordinary (read: boring, with limited functionality) wireless router and supercharge it with cool features and lots more functionality, control, and diagnostics.There's much more under the hood of these devices than is accessible with the vendor's default firmware versions.The router's default configuration should now be the following:4.1) IP address: Subnet mask: Username: admin4.4) Password: admin1) Assign the Ethernet port on your laptop/desktop a static address that matches the default factory subnet of the router. (It's possible to perform the upgrade with a DHCP address, but a static address is more reliable.)2) Use an Ethernet cable to connect to the router through a 10/100 port for performing the flash upgrade.(It's possible to flash the router via a wireless interface, but it's much more reliable to use a wired connection.) Use a web browser to connect to the router's administration interface using the above credentials.

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Warning: Be aware that Buffalo only has encrypted firmwares on their web site.Note: even though all warnings say never flash the router across a wireless interface, it is possible to do so successfully.I have found that in some cases a bad flash attempt disables the LAN ports; the only option in this instance is to connect to the "bricked" router trough the wireless interface.This is a TFTP utility needed for upgrading to any DD-WRT firmware type except "generic"3) Download latest firmware from DD-WRT Downloads page:3.1) Download the Mini firmware for your specific router model.Mini flash is required for all upgrades, as an interim stage between Linksys firmware and the final DD-WRT firmware configuration.3.2) The Standard, VPN & VOIP versions have different feature sets, but all share the same core extended functionality.3.3) If zip files are downloaded, there are different file versions within for the different router models, so be careful which file you select when upgrading.4) Reset the router to factory defaults.

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