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This output only provides VOR/ILS information on the indicator not GPS deviation information. Since the Garmin GPS 400 is the GPS only version of the GNS 430 GPS/Nav/Comm, it only contains the annunciators for message, waypoint, Auto (GPS AUTO mode of operation), OBS (GPS OBS mode of operation), terminal, approach, and integrity (for position error).

Since the GPS 400 does not contain the VOR/LOC/Glideslope portion of the GNS-430, the CDI source select button is omitted as well as the VLOC/GPS annunciator.

Also, in regards to the antenna installation, RG-142B or RG-400 coaxial cable must be used.

The 400/500W units with WAAS capability offer many new features and enhancements over the classic models.

Due to the variation in condition of units, repair costs can vary significantly.

The Average Repair Price indicated is a historical average only and is NOT a fixed or flat rate price.

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Most importantly, the WAAS GPS receiver allows pilots to use the GNS-400W/500W units for primary navigation and vertical guidance for LPV, L/VNAV, and LNAV V approaches.

An actual cost to repair or overhaul an item can only be determined by proper bench testing at our repair station.

Approach, arrival, control area, departure, Class B, Class C, TMA, TRSA-with sector, altitude and text usage info, also, ASOS, ATIS, AWOS, center, clearance delivery, ground, pre-taxi, tower, unicom, localizer and ILSPilot-defined Course Selection and Waypoint Hold, Closest Point of Approach, Departure and Arrival Frequencies, Approach Navigation using published approach procedures stored on Nav Data card, Terminal Navigation using SIDs/STARs from Nav Data card Yes, the RANGR Lite is meant for owner/operators who do not have an ES (Extended Squitter) upgradeable transponder or WAAS GPS in their aircraft.

The GNS-430 outputs 2x5, BCD or slip parallel DME and King Serial DME channeling formats.

There is a setup page in the GNS-430 where you can select which DME you will be channeling with the GNS-430.

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