Updating hardy to intrepid

If this could be avoided then there would be no need to make compensatory changes at the proxy server.The following method achieves this: on the proxy server.

If the proxied web site uses HTTP redirections then you will normally want to rewrite the returned URLs to refer to the proxy server in place of the upstream server.Site-relative URLs are sufficient if only the hostname and/or port number have changed.) If rewriting is necessary then it can be implemented using the , but otherwise similar considerations apply.The default behaviour is relatively cautious: URLs are rewritten only within HTML and XHTML documents, and then only for particular attributes of particular element types.Now conditions are outside the boundaries that climate models are based on, and scientists really have no clue any more.And it's not just the scientific climate models that don't apply; common sense and experience are no longer relevant, because we don't have history that tells us what happens in this environment, measured, anecdotal, or otherwise.

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