Updating mepis

A recent review provided a good overview of the background and basis of Mepis, my review aims to focus more on the day to day use for a desktop user.

Introduction Having tried a variety of easy to install versions of debian, including Knoppix, Bonzai and Morphix I was keen to give Mepis a try after hearing some excellent reports about it.

Upon booting from the hard drive the first thing I noticed was the lack of bootsplash, not a major point I’ll admit, but having one does add a touch of professionalism and polish, and is easily disabled by those who get satisfaction seeing the kernel messages zooming by.Odd that you would feel a release such as this to be a hinderance to your community, but it is obvious by the announcement that this must have been what took place.The question remains to be answered: Will MEPIS ever be a true Community driven open source flavor of Linux?We have contributed untold amounts of time and effort in making debs to enhance Mepis, providing support for all types of issues, and building friendships among each other.For some reason, that has apparently angered some within Mepis to the point that they will no longer support our efforts.

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