Updating sap component repository sld

Technical systems are central elements when it comes to software component deployment and operational activities, such as monitoring and alerting.

Note: The tool for system maintenance tasks is the Software Update Manager (SUM).

In the SUM guide, the term "Update" is used as collective term for all the tasks that can be performed using this tool (such as performing release upgrades, installing enhancement packages, or updating a system with Support Package Stacks).

The switch from an older software version to a new version.

Business Scenario is to integrate two SAP Systems by SAP.

There is a lot of predefined content already available that can be reused and which helps customers to save time and effort in their integration development projects.

ESOA methodology exchanges message using proxies from ABAP back end.

A typical use case is that customers use data types, service interfaces, and mappings provided by SAP.

For standard implementations like SAP ERP to SAP SRM predefined content works perfect for development projects. For the standard implementation we need to import latest Content Repository SAP_CR in to SAP PI’s SLD.

The Software Provisioning Manager is delivered with the Software Logistics Toolset.

The stack configuration file is created by the Maintenance Optimizer and is system-specific.

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