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Christopher Smith [email protected] Technologies, Incorporated - meant to post this in t...Print record once, update Yes/No field verifiying print I would like to print a group of records, then have a Yes/No field [Printed] updated in my Jobs table with an update query showing the records were printed. Are you having problems with M2005 or is this just a post-Christmas/New Year random query when you are trying to get away from the in-laws?a1 formula, but this only updates the info in the first cel and particularly the first column. Import XMLIs there anyway I can suppress creation of Aggregate columns when I open/import XML into Excel? Script below: If Source Fields("Send 1099") = "N" Then Destination Fields("Options.1099 Type").All of them allow it in the sense that they don't prevent or preclude it.None of them allow it in the sense of enabling it by providing their own CD burning engine.Then next time the report runs, In my query criteria I will test for True values on the Yes/No field.

Any idea what this could be about and how to prevent both? Backing Up Money Files Do any versions of Money allow backing up data to cds, rather than floppy discs?

Thanks in advance, Gary Hi ary, You can create a seprate file for the indexes, that would help as the index read/writes would be from a seperate file.

Sriram application records transactional event...latest update too MSCFV2Hi, I have MSCFV2 version 6.5.7825.0.

However, on 15 January, one of the PC's received the following message: "Oulook caused invalid page fault in module at 015f:4c51a697". I write macro that will save the excel file as text file with ';' separator but the result is still a ',' but this program can work on win98. I want update some fields of the opportunity on the Post Update.

I went to the support page and printed the resolutions for that error. However, if I call the Update method of CRMOpportunity in the Post Update I will create a recursive post callout. Thank you for pay attention []'s Vin�cius Pitta Lima de Ara�jo You need to check the Orig Object XML field to see what fields were updated and then act appropriately. NET Framework 1.1 and re-install as possibly corrupt , without having to uninstall/re-install all other .

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