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An offline version of the GUI is provided for use on computers that are not (permanently) connected to the internet.This is often the case for machines that are connected to mass spectrometers, as a safety precaution.It introduces a profile log-likelihood method for the calculation of asymmetric confidence intervals.Section 8 discusses three further methods to visualise multi-aliquot collections of ages.Unfortunately this is not always the case for the covariance terms.The remaining two classes of input formats specify the covariance structure of the data without requiring any actual covariances or correlation coefficients.The computer code for both programs is made available under the GPL license, which permits re-use and modification provided that any derived code is released under the same conditions (Free Software Foundation, 2007). Without analytical uncertainties, it is impossible to ascertain whether the difference between two geochronological dates is real, or simply an artifact of analytical imprecision.

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Third, by using the online version, the user is guaranteed to have accessed the most up-to-date version of the software.

AA(Department of Geography, Australian National University, Acton 2601, Australia; Current address: Department of Geography, University of Canterbury, Private Bag, Christchurch, New Zealand.), AB(Environmental Radiochemistry Laboratory, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Private Mail Bag 1, Menai 2234, Australia), AC(Department of Geography, University of Wollongong, PO Box 1144, Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia), AD(Division of Water Resources, CSIRO, Black Mountain Laboratories, Acton 2601, Australia) U/Th disequilibrium dating of pedogenic ferruginous pisoliths and additional coarse fraction quartz thermoluminescense dates are used to test a TL-based chronology of the Umbakumba Dunefield, Groote Eylandt, northern Australia.

These dates support the established history of the dunefield and indicate that the field is at least mid-Quaternary in age and may be much older.

For many years, a is a user-friendly toolbox that allows geologists to calculate and visualise geochronological data within a familiar spreadsheet environment (Ludwig, 1988, 1999, 2003a, 2012).

Few computer programs have been as widely used in the Earth Sciences as .

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