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Continue your Wireless Pitt Net configuration using the steps in Section 2 - Configure the Native 802.1x Client.

Search for and select Dell Unified Wireless Suite, then click Uninstall. Return to the top of this page and complete the instructions to connect to Wireless Pitt Net.

Face First is proudly designed, engineered and supported in the USA.

You can manually configure your computer using the steps in this help sheet. Right click on WLAN Auto Config and select Properties. Set Startup type: to Automatic, click Apply, then click OK. Note: In Control Panel, set View by: to Large Icons.

Are you trying to get your laptop to connect to the 6520 wirelessly or are you trying to just get on the internet, then have the laptop access the internet through the wireless? Right click on your wireless connection and choose Properties4. Look for Preferred Networks and look for your Network Name / SSID6.

One of the first places to check if you are having problems completing a wireless connection is the PC's time and date settings. Enter "time and date" in the Windows 10 search field (where it says "Type here to search"). Click on the "Change the date and time" option that appears under "Best match." 3.

This will search for and automatically open the Control Panel.

From the Windows 10 Start screen, type Control Panel and then press the Enter key.

Hi You are getting "validating identity" because you have not disabled IEEE. Rodney I am having difficulty understanding what you are trying to do.

Hi You are getting "validating identity" because you have not disabled IEEE.

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