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“There’s always going to be people you don’t know at events, parties, or at school ...You just want to see who else is around.” Plus, Zhong says, kids know that the people Air Dropping things back and forth are other teenagers whom they probably have something in common with.Phones with Air Drop enabled can exchange files from up to 30 feet away, whether or not they’re in each other’s contact lists.Many adults use Air Drop to share files one-on-one, but teens have embraced mass image sharing via Air Drop for years.“Another day another group of french teens trying to Air Drop me memes on the subway,” one woman tweeted.“In a crowd of teens and they keep trying to Air Drop me memes!!! One young Twitter user joked that she was going to a music festival last weekend “just to Air Drop.”Air Drop is a file-sharing feature on Apple devices that lets users send photos, videos, contacts, links, and more via a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.She sends memes and photos of strange animals, and sometimes she’ll include her Instagram handle.

A group of them snickered as she opened it and looked around. “I was like, Anyone who has accidentally left their Air Drop settings open around a group of teens is likely familiar with the deluge of memes, selfies, and notes that arrives so quickly it can often freeze your phone.“If I see a phone out now, it doesn’t matter what excuse you give me.I’m voiding that test because [cheating] is too easy,” Bendinelli said.Teens say that sending things out via Air Drop is superior to social media or text messaging because you don’t need to have a person’s username or phone number to share something.It’s far less time-consuming than sending a text or a DM, and you don’t need to create a giant group chat to send things out en masse. Air Drop is like a roving ephemeral message board that anyone in the area can contribute to.

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